Workshops 'moving-together' are based on 3 principles

                 connect,      express      &      communicate

connect: One of our main social issues is separation due to  the lost of connection first with our selves and therefore  to others. Through the sessions we create a safe space and explore various paths for the re-connection process to begin our journey.

express: Unveil your uniqueness, we move  to express it and share your gift with each other. Together we explore and unleash our creative self-expression to reveal our unique original identity.


communicate: We are social beings and interacting should be the first thing we do naturally. We develop presence in our practice, how to be, see, feel and communicate by cultivating a state of openness to adapt. Respect and a sense of non-judgment  allows us and others to feel free.


We move to embody awareness,  centering and grounding ourselves to experience more moments  of potentials, increasing our ability to transform at any time, with ease and grace.

Our objectives:
relax, open up, release, explore,  experiment, enjoy and play.